Zoe Quinn: “If I can bang a billionaire’s kid, you can too. Never stop dreaming!”

(Pictured left to right: Congresswoman Clark, Zoe “Chelsea Van Valkenberg” Quinn, Alex Lifschitz)

Fresh off addressing a congressional committee on Internet harassment as the guest of lawmaker Katherine Clark, Zoe Quinn gave an impromptu speech to reporters as she left Capitol Hill.

“A few years ago, I was just another self-important, mentally-ill attention whore who couldn’t program a commercial-grade video game if her life depended on it. Today, I spoke to Congress about the crucial need for busy elected officials to do something about mean words on Twitter.”

Quinn was humble in her her moment of triumph, using her biggest moment in the spotlight to date in order to take up the mantle of role model for future generations of young girls aspiring to be game developers Twine users:

“If I can be an inspiration to just one little girl, this was all worth it. For all America’s problems, today we still live in a country where a girl born into a wealthy family can change her name, try and fail at porn, ruin marriages, sabotage competitors, and still end up speaking to Congress because her new boyfriend’s war profiteer father pulls in a ton of money for a congresswoman. This isn’t just my moment, this is yours. For if I can go from slumming it with game journalists and developers five at a time, to fucking a billionaire’s son, you can too.”

“After all,” Quinn added with a grin, “this is still America.”

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