Analyst: Buy Booze Stocks Before Offworld Launch Party

An analyst employed at a major brokerage suggests a recent career move by Leigh Alexander could be the perfect opportunity to “level up” your portfolio.

In case you missed it, longtime Gamasutra editor Leigh Alexander announced Thursday that she would be leaving her usual haunt to head up a new BoingBoing branded venture. The site, Offworld, will specialize in letting those with word processors express their views on video games, so long as those same individuals are not straight and white and male.


Some accuse Leigh of being tactless on social media. In the past, she’s come under fire for referring to African American males as “hood men,” threatening the careers of young upstarts who disagree with her, and encouraging the posting of personal information of political opponents.

Indeed, Leigh Alexander would appear to lack the professional decorum one might expect from a writer of her seniority. She has tweeted often and at length of her love affair with adult beverages, and it is this public dalliance with drink which has our source suggesting now is the time to invest: “The launch of Offworld has the potential to cause a massive spike in stock prices for alcohol distributors. They’re going to need to supply the launch party, clearly, and we’ve all come to have an idea just how much Leigh Alexander can put away. Multiply that by however many folks she has on her like-minded staff, and you’re looking at real money.”

But could that stock spike be short-lived? Our analyst doesn’t think so: “Leigh’s partnership with BoingBoing is going to be lucrative. More money in Leigh Alexander’s pocket means Leigh Alexander spends more money on booze. Buy now, it’s as close to a sure thing as I’ve seen in my career.”

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