Schafer Plans Comedy Tour; Separate Cover for Setups, Punchlines

Double Fine lead Tim Schafer’s impromptu stand-up performance at GDC was the pilot for a full-fledged comedy tour, an anonymous source close to the situation tells Subtle Blend.

“Tim’s bringing something new to comedy shows,” our source reports. “At most comedy shows, you’ll pay one fee and see an hour-long set from a headliner, maybe an opening act or two. What Tim plans to do is leverage his status as a Kickstarter pioneer to transform that model.”

It works like this: At his yet-unannounced tour dates, Tim will go on stage and perform an industry standard amount of material (roughly an hour). The Double Fine twist? No punchlines. “Tim will give the audience his setups day of the show. At a later date, they’ll have the opportunity to purchase the punchlines to those jokes on DVD.”

When we followed up to ask whether or not our source was worried about audiences reacting poorly to the prospect of not getting a “complete” set of jokes for their box office fee, we got the following in reply: “It’s a little unconventional, I’ll give you that. But Tim made Psychonauts and Grim Fandango. So, I’m sure audiences will respond well.”

(Image Credit: The Ralph Retort)

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