Microsoft “Golden Ticket” Sweepstakes Offers Chance To Tour Foxconn Xbox One Factory

As Xbox One sales lag behind Sony’s Playstation 4, retailers are doing everything they can to move units of Microsoft’s next-gen console. Some retailers have already bundled Respawn Entertainment’s flagship shooter Titanfall with the system for $450, effectively resulting in a $110 price drop after just 4 months on the market.

But Microsoft isn’t relying on price drops alone. When the Titanfall bundle was released, the company sent out cardboard sleeves and easily insertable vouchers to “convert” old stock. Starting next week, retailers will have something new to place inside: Golden Tickets!

“This new sweepstakes is a magical adventure,” Microsoft spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb told Subtle Blend. “Five lucky Xbox One owners will find themselves whisked away to a whimsical tour of the Foxconn factory where next-generation, always-connected, all-in-one entertainment comes to life!”

But wait, there’s more: “(Foxconn chairman) Terry Gou is looking to retire, but he needs people to carry on the legacy. For that reason, one lucky winner is going to get his or her very own Foxconn plant to run. But if you’re not the one, don’t fret: All contest winners will get their very own official Foxconn suicide prevention net to commemorate this very special occasion.”

Hryb also cautioned: “Winners should be careful not to touch anything on the tour, or Oompa Loom– I mean, Foxconn technicians, will sweep them away to work the assembly lines. Legal was kind of iffy about that one at first, but turns out this kind of thing is totally legal in China. So, yeah, it’s in the contest bylaws.”

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