Yet Another Indie Game About Nothing

AAA development has been plagued for years by subpar licensed projects that serve only to cash in on their host franchises. The indie market is currently saturated with games that have no compelling mechanics, no engrossing story, no reason for existing. These things suck on their own, but what if you could combine two awful scourges into a fetid apocalypse of terrible; a sort of synergistic, transmedia peanut butter and chocolate dribbling straight from Satan’s shit dispenser?

One graphic artist is aiming to do just that with Jerry’s Place VR, a downloadable first-person walking simulator set inside Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld. Subtle Blend is currently investigating reports that the title’s “real” plot involves finding notes from George Costanza hidden around the apartment, in which Seinfeld’s best friend confesses his struggles with his latent homosexuality. Read one leaked diary: “A man gave me a massage. He was touching and rubbing. I took my pants off. He got about 4 inches from there. I think it moved.

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  1. Herpes Trismegistus

    This is just some schmuck’s Oculus demo; just be thankful that it isn’t Brony porn or whatever cultural handjob is making the rounds these days. Dominique Pamplemousse is where your ire needs to be pointed. That thing is a gesture of hostility to gamers everywhere.

  2. George

    I had no idea what that is, so I Googled it. From its website:

    “Dominique Pamplemousse in “It’s All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!” is a unique and offbeat stop motion animated detective adventure game about gender and the economy. Also, all the characters frequently burst into song.”

    This sounds absolutely fucking awful…

    …I may have to review it.

    Damn you.

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