The ABCs of Game Journalism

Recently, I was very happy to have a post run at one of my longtime favorite websites, Ruthless Reviews: “The ABCs of Game Journalism”

Apparently, this humble piece has sparked something of a shitstorm on Twitter, as game journalists of all stripes (and their many sycophants) have taken to deriding it as the work of a lunatic/manchild/virgin/men’s rights advocate/(insert tired ad hominem insult here).

I’m not interested in the tedious business of responding to trollbait. Instead, I’ll simply let a poster from the now-locked NEOGAF discussion speak for me:

”┬áif game journos are mocking it on twitter, it must have been getting something right.”
– Renitou

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  1. Ian

    I loved the article. Great to see there’s still people in the gaming medium who don’t suck up to ‘social justice warriors’ or use their manufactured controversies to get attention.

    • George

      Thanks for the read. It speaks poorly of the niche press that the biggest controversy you can cause with them is to write a humor article highlighting the true nature of their glorified marketing department work.

  2. Mothra

    Loved the article. Striking a nerve that perfectly just proves a nerve was there to strike in the first place. Granted, throwing hissy fits in 140 characters or less is a favorite pastime of most game journos, so they really didn’t need much motivation to react.

    • George

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Mothra. The article really stung a lot of egos in the game journalism bubble. Why else would they have shared it so widely? Why would they not have just ignored it? Self-narrative was hurt for a lot of journos by this piece, so they lashed out, which led to a ton of people reading it. I’m happy with the result.

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